A neko rp, are you a master? or a pet?
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 Mimelia Antaru

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PostSubject: Mimelia Antaru   Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:17 pm

Name:Mimelia Antaru
age: 18
gender: Female
aperance: She has a bright purple hair and eye color. She also has serpent earrings with a winged angel necklace.
personality: Kind and caring
history: She was found by a very rich man in a meadow. He adopted her despite there being no record of her excistance.
how many nekos you own: None at the moment
sexual perferance: Bisexual
clothing: She wears a robe like suit wherever she goes and its very revealing.
likes: Being called mimel, raising nekos, women
dislikes: rude people, being called unintelligent, being unacknowledged.
rp sample: (Sorry if you want one related to this site but here's one from another site I'm on.)

Vilviane was walking around the forest outside of West City. She was trudging through the foliage and growing shrubs in her usual outfit though she appeared nine months pregnant. Though as she delves ever deeper into the dark, green maw of trees she found the shrubs growing higher. After pricisely cutting a few down with an energy wave she found a group of six wolves about ambush a small fox family. Vilviane intervened by whistling loudly. The silent wolves soon turned into a viscous pack of snarling animals. Their fur was brown and black was rugged while covered with dried blood and battle scars. They did their ritualisctic circling as their yellow eyes seemed to pierce into her. hen suddenly two of them lept at her with uncontrolled rage which she used to her advantage. Vilviane raised her fists up and the wolves smashed face first into her knuckles. They thudded down onto the ground as they faded into an unconcious incapacitation. The next two then lept more gracefully. She looked a bit surprised before she stepped out of the way. They slammed into each other with an effectivve shockwave that was sent through their bodies from when they clashed. As the two wolves hit the ground incapcitated the last two still circled her. They were bigger and hd more scars than the others. They lept at her with amazing agility and grace that shocked Vilviane. She rolled across the ground and looked as she saw them clash like the wolves before them but she had just barely avoided them. "That was close." She thought to herself as she delved deeper into the green abyss. As she reached the center of the forest she noticed that the center was a moderate sized clearing. There was a small crater in the middle and Vilviane found it curious. She ran torwards the crater though she felt a horrible feeling coming from it. In the center she gasped as she saw the crater had several scorched animal remains in it. Suddenly Saibamen popped out of the ground after a red one popped out. The red one appeared to be the leader as it made a squeel one lept at her. Vilviane punched it to the side though it got back up like it was nothing. "This is bad." She thought to herself as they all fired energy waves at her. She blocked what she could but after the smoked cleared she was a little battered but fine otherwise. Vilviane then bursted into the air till she was high enough to be at the atmosphere. She then charged her signature technique, white ball, after sensing that they attacked with the energy waves again. She charged the attack to its utmost max and launched it down at the small aliens. The techniques clashed against each other as she pushed the ball against the energy waves. The red Saibamen bursted into the air and darted around her technique as it collided with the other Saibamen. The leader darted straight at her. Vilviane saw him too late as he got the upper hand and assaulted her with a barrage of melee attacks. She was punched and kicked about as she soon found out that he was stronger than her. Though she was lucky enough to grab his leg as he was about to kick her. She then assaulted the red Saibaman with a viscous barrage of kicks and punches. Then she slammed him downwards torwards the crater that was the clearing. Then shortly after she sent the Saibaman hurtling torwards the now moderate crater she launched an energy wave at the little creature. The wave effectively slammed it into the ground which killed the alien. Then there was a small chuckle as a muscled man suddenly appeared above her before slamming her downwards torwards the crater though she soon recovered and landed only damaged by his attack. He landed on the ground. The man wore some kind of armor and had a tail and scouter. "This guy is stronger but I don't know if I can defeat him." Vilviane thought to herself as she wiped her hand across her forehead. It was bleeding a small amount but she paid it no heed. "You're a tough girl to defeat my Saibamen but your death is at hand." said the mysterious attacker. Vilviane grinned as she charged up to her max amount of power. The man laughed before charging at her. He then slammed his fist torwards in an attempt to finish her in one hit but she swiftly dodged it. His fist smashed into the ground which gave her time to charge in and barrage him with most powerful of punchs and kickes. Then she kneed the man in the gut before kicking him into the forest. Then she bursted into the air again. When she stopped she charged her White ball technique past its max. Then a pwower orb appeared shortly before a giant ape did. He laughed before firing a mouth energy wave at her as she threw her technique at his blast. The moves were then locked into a clash. Vilviane felt that he had put all of his energy into the attack as it was swiftly pushing her's back torwards. Then she put all but a small amount of her energy into it which shoved her attack back at the ape with so much speed it had collided and destroyed him before he could react. Afterwards she flew over the forest and saw that the ape had taken most of the attack so the forest only lost a small amount of trees near the center. Vilviane landed near the outskirts of West city before rushing home to clean herself up and rest from her recent excitement. After taking a shower and placing a stopping the bleeding from her wound that the man gave her, she sat down and meditated. As she sat there she thought about her life and other's lives. Then she grew a thought that she could make some people's lives better with small acts of kindness everyday. After an hour of meditating and reflecting did Vilviane get nd walk to her bed. She reflected on the most recent events in her life before jumping onto the bed and quickly falling into a deep slumber.
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Mimelia Antaru
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