A neko rp, are you a master? or a pet?
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 Ayoмι'ѕ Advenтυre [Open]

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PostSubject: Ayoмι'ѕ Advenтυre [Open]   Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:15 pm

Curious green eyes peered over the long stems of sunflowers as a small creature stalked through the garden; bright orbs focused on something in teh distance. A small bird, it's blue feathers obvious against the yellow of the overgrowth flowers, perched and sang it's tune. It was a pretty song- not one the neko had heard before. It was why she got her pretty white blouse dirty, and why she allowed her brown plaid skirt to rise so high on her thighs. Ayomi wanted the pretty bird. It's alluring song captured her curiousity. So it was, digging her black flats into the soft dirt of the garden, the catgirl poised herself for the launch. As she'd seen her "sister" (the stray cat outside the house) do before, Ayomi rocked her hips and sprang forward. Though in small stature for her age, the neko wasn't as small as her feline friend and crashed clumsily into the seven feet tall flowers. The bird, startled by the chaos, flew away; it's song cut short. Ayomi felt tears begin to swell in her eyes. Her knees, though covered by white knickets, scraped against the rock. The girl sat down and looked at her bloodied legs. Gently she began to pick at the wound's messy edges, holding back tears. Pain was something she wasn't fond of, and she never did get the bird. A low whimper built in her throat. Owwww. Ayomi's waist long, kiwi locks tumbled over her shoulders like a sea of green as she bend her head; bangs shadowing her eyes. Another small cry broke through her soft, pink lips. Would the bird come back?

Faint meowing in the distance caught her attention as her 'sister' came. The kalico cat's bright blue and green eyes sparkling as it found it's friend. The creature danced it's way through the mess, picking through the debris as it came to Ayomi. With a shaking hand, Ayomi stroked the animal's silky smooth fur; it's soft undercoat bringing a smile to her saddened face. The cat seemed encouraged by this, pushing it's way into Ayomi's lap and purring, licking at the girl's chin. Who couldn't fall for the kawaiiness of the kitty? Ayomi giggled and nuzzled the cat's fur. Already she felt better. Cuddling the cat closer, the girl looked up at the sky trying to find the blue jay.
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PostSubject: Re: Ayoмι'ѕ Advenтυre [Open]   Mon May 02, 2011 7:10 pm

A soft melody could be heard in the distance as a sweet voice sang out..... "the raven am I- longing for love-- tears I cry tears for the dove-- tears I cry--- tears for my love the raven so sad am i---" this was raven a pregnent neko with long long hair the color of polished ebony, of raven's feathers. She had seen the poor attemt to catch the bird, she simply held out her arm and sang and the blue jay landed upon her arm and sang with her. Raven smiled at the little neko kitten and walked over the jay upon her shoulder and kneeled down in her red silk dress "are you ok little one?"
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Ayoмι'ѕ Advenтυre [Open]
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