A neko rp, are you a master? or a pet?
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 Nick; fear the demon brat.

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PostSubject: Nick; fear the demon brat.   Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:06 am

Name: Nick
age: Unknown
gender: Male

personality: The nastiest, rudest, most spoiled little brat you'll ever find. Despite his apparent age he lives all alone in a huge mansion, and seems to have many supernatural powers. These range from the silly, like his various fart attacks, to the dangerous, such as controlling parts of his mansion, to the terrifying, such as his tendancy to swallow nekos that disappoint him whole. When he's not being completely evil though, he's just troublesome. He loves to play pranks and kick people when they're down, and is never without a rude or sarcastic remark. He always is on the look out for more Nekos, who he treats less as pets and more as slaves or food. He firmly believes that Nekos are inferior to humans, and should worship him as such.

history: Next to nothing about Nick is known. Except that any Neko he finds is in serious trouble. He appears to be a little boy, but is believed to be much older, if only as the stories have been around a long time. Some people say that he's a ghost of a little boy, who died when his mansion collapsed, and has since created a spectral version of it to rule. Others simply think he's the Devil masquerading as a little boy. Regardless of what he really is, Nick is a terror to his pets, and they must remain eternally on their toes around him.

how many nekos you own: Tons as slaves in his mansion, no player nekos yet.
sexual perferance: Bi
clothing: As in pics
likes: Food, swimming, playing tricks, farting, being as irritating and mean as possible, torturing Nekos.
dislikes: Being disobeyed, hot weather, most leafy vegetables

rp sample:

Boring! With a big yawn I layed back in my chair, stretching out my legs in the soft leather. Two neko girls were at the foot of it, and massaged my stinky little feet as I wiggled them a bit. It always relaxed me to do this, and it was good to show new servants who's boss, but I needed something fun to do. I decided to get up, and gave a cheeky grin as I wrapped my legs around the nearest of the two nekos and pulled her in. As I rose up I pointed my hips at her and let a nasty fart in her face before letting go and standing up. The other neko stared in shocked disbelief as her sister hacked and coughs, before finally passing out on the floor, the fart just beyond human endurance.. Meanwhile I was cracking up at the sight of it. Putting my hands on my hips, I gave a big grin up at the other neko. "So you want one too?" The blonde catgirl immediately stepped back, waving her hands in a panic. "No, no sir!" Laughing again I tilted my hips, putting my right fist on it. "Oh alright, if you prepare my bath immediately. And keep it warm for when I decide to take it. If it's cold when I show up then your catfood." I rubbed my stomach with an evil smirk before turning and leaving the room, heading out the front door of the mansion. The doubledoors opened of their own accord ahead of me. The handles didn't actually work, and those who entered could only leave by my permission.

It was a short walk down into town, and I stopped by my favorite ice cream shop, hopping up onto my usual stool and spinning around twice. "Hey, I'll take two vanilla cones with whipped cream and make it snappy." I snapped twice for emphesis, before beginning to spin around on my seat again. The cones were done fast, the management had been very cooperative since my last "complaint". Taking one in each hand, I began to devour them rapidly, licking up the ice cream and chomping into the cones. As I finished both of them I burped loud and proudly, hitting my belly twice. "Now that hit the spot, not bad." Dropping off the seat, I left the shop and started towards the center of town. It was a boring day, but with any luck there would at least be some new nekos for me to take into my mansion for some "fun".
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PostSubject: Re: Nick; fear the demon brat.   Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:45 pm

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Nick; fear the demon brat.
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