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 Anything goes profiles! Discordantentity's!

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PostSubject: Anything goes profiles! Discordantentity's!   Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:00 pm

THis is where my profiles will go so people can choose what setting and character, sorted by series .


Name: Ishuko Chouraku
Nickname: Reaver
Alias: Ishuko-san
Age: Less than a year
Gender: Female
Alignment: Evil

Height: 5' 6”
Weight: 139 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Purple
Skin Color: Pale

Outfit: Her style of dress is one that allows for maximum mobility, enough clothing to cover decently but not get in her way when she is moving or fighting. She has a preference for soft soled footwear like Tabi as well, since they enable one to move more quietly and are easier to maintain. How her outfit looks is of a subtle grace and beauty, one that matches the dangerous woman she has become as an arrancar and Fraccion to Reina. Her zanpaktou is kept on her back instead of her side, as she finds that position to better maintain a balance as well as draw from.

Appearance: Now free of her mask she is revealed to be a beautiful woman whose eyes shine with a cruel spark of madness, the bit of bone left on her face looking like a white jewel where it remains. Her hole has been revealed to be right where Kira ran her through, and she has a slender and lithe body designed for mobility over power. Though she has grown up and her form is truly that of a woman's instead of a girl's, as she has a well formed bust that thankfully does not need to be bound in order for her to keep proper balance. Her hair is down the middle of her black and is kept straight, with the exception of two thin braids at either side of her hair that she lets hang down her front. They are bound by purple cloth bands that have a crossing weave pattern all the way up them to the base of her hair. Her facial structure resembles what she looked like in life, though that in itself was rather good looking so her face does not throw off the rest of her looks.

Race: Arrancar
Rank: B
Reiatsu Level: Arrancar
Number: N/A
Zanpakuto: Ran Kumo no Ishu
Zanpakuto's Meaning: Chaos spider of decay
Zanpaktuo's Element: Darkness
Zanpakuto's Released Form: To release her zanpaktou she uses the command word of 'Weave' and when released she is surrounded by a sphere of red energy that moves like threads of silk forming a it. What comes out of it is something even more nightmarish than her vasto lorde form, she retains her torso and arms with the four other arms coming out of her back though there is a major change. Her entire lower body is transformed into an armored spider abdomen with eight sharp and spindly legs, this is known as Ran Kumo no Ishu and in this form she gains one and a half feet in height as well as being as long as she is tall in her unreleased form. She uses her legs to step on prone enemies and move around, and her arms and appendages from her back to attack as they normally do. The abdomen of this form is also covered with rows of spikes, and each leg has spiky protrusions on the outside of where each piece of armor joins with the other for two protrusions in total.
Arrancar Attacks: Bala, Cero, Garganta, Sonido
Special Moves:

Web of decay: This ability is an alteration of her old human touch, and while it has range it is also takes focus to control. She releases a strand of black webbing from each of her spider legs that acts like a spiders webbing, however it cannot be used to weave but merely bind. If the bound target is unable to resist or stall it's effect their soul turns to dust , and she gains a quarter of the destroyed souls power as if she had just eaten that much of it. It has a range of ten feet and must be aimed in a straight line; it can be burned, cut, or avoided. Burning it does some damage to her since it is linked to her, and destroying it with cero has the same effect as any kidou that can burn it away. It is a fast attack that must be presicely aimed, so she usually has to lead her target to get an accurate hit.

Nectar of chaos: This attack is anything but a kiss, and in fact it is a very nasty neurotoxin that causes the senses to become hazy and muddled as well as the sensation of pain is amplified twofold if it takes effect; it starts with sigh, and then the ability to hear, followed by the sense of smell, then the sense of taste, and finally the sense of touch. It wears off after about five minutes, but by then the victim is usually being consumed while being able to feel the pain. This poison naturally occurs and is injected like a spider bite when one of her bladed legs strike, however the legs that produce webbing can only do one thing at time.

Resurrection moves:

Shadow web: This technique is a trap pure and simple that is composed of her webbing that has been rendered invisibly by the use of reiatsu, a ten foot wide web is woven on the ground or under loose ground and remains connected to her until she pulls it up to entangle her victim. This can be also used on any smooth flat surface big enough to hold her web, but once around the target they are pulled onto the ground. The use on walls is to traps targets who don't stay on the ground, but if there is not ten feet if width then she cannot set it. This web only becomes visible once it ensnares them, and the more they struggle or try to move the more they get caught up in the sticky net. Using this ability her webs lose the energy stealing ability in favor of the ability to remain unseen until used, and this technique can be destroyed most effectively by cero, kidou, or zanpaktou. She can only lay one web at a time, and it cannot be used again until a few minutes has passed or above any solid flat surface. It can be detected by the fact that the air around it has a very minor yet detectable static charge in it and in order for her to pull it there has to be enough contact to make it stick, thus shunpo or sonido can make contact and not allow it to be triggered.

Guillotine: This uncharacteristic technique is named as the it looks like a large guillotine balde that she uses to smash into her opponent, doing damage and if they are weak enough cleaving them in two. This technique is a rapidly woven blade that is reinforced by reiatsu to give it the tensile strength and sharpness of her zanpaktou, and is released immediately as a sudden attack that if used from hiding will expose her location but also catch most people by surprise unless they have quick reflexes. This attack is a one shot technique and once it has been used the blade dissolves into nothing even if it misses, the nature of this attack however means she can can only use it once every five minutes as that is how long it will take for her to concentrate enough reiatsu to rapidly produce this reinforced webbing and blade in such a short period of time.

Cero Special Ability:

Power Description: Her power moves as she dictates, though it often flows around her as if it were a spiders web surrounding her. It is strong for a Gillian, and gets stronger the more hollows she consumes. Now her power weaves around her as it flows, and it creates a more chaotic web pattern reflecting her insane and rather chaotic nature.

Excels at: She is more of a ranged attacker who does not like to get close to her opponents unless she has the edge, she prefers to use ambushes and her webs at first. She will also use Cero often, and it is often used to wear down opponents as well. Overall her strengths lie in her ranged abilities, but they also lie in her cruel cunning and
Weakness: Given her nature she is more vulnerable to any bladed weapons, especially zanpaktou's since they are charged with spirit energy. She is also vulnerable to piercing attacks, though they are slightly less effective than blades they still are more effective. If she is caught in bright light or there is a flash of it, her accuracy and ability to fight is reduced as she is somewhat dazed and partially blinded.

Loyalty: Reina
Love Interest: None
Sexuality: Bisexual
Father: Dead at her hands
Mother: Dead at her hands
Siblings: Dead at her hands
Friends: None
Other: Vendetta against Kira, for ruining her fun while alive
Became a Hollow: Killed by Vice Captain Kira
Theme Song: Crawling by Lincoln Park
Famous Quote: Welcome to my parlor...

Personality: She is as cunning as she is mad, and she has become a hunter who uses her environment to give her an advantage over her prey. She is just as smart as she was when she was a human, but the instincts to eat and gain power drive her to evolve into an even better hunter and killer. All other hollows to her are food, she is a territorial isolationist who will attack any hollow that gets too close to her lair. Though if they are superior to her she will hide or show respect, if they do not intend to eat her. She never lairs in the same place twice, and it always is underground so that she can be in her beloved darkness and ambush unsuspecting prey to she can take and feed on. She now also speaks of things more demented and poetically, her madness rising to a new height as she gains in power. She is now more mature and with a greater cruel streak than she was as a human, and is more prone to making her prey suffer her torment before finishing them off.

Becoming a Vasto Lorde was a new level of power for her, and in that change she evolved even more mentally over physically. Each kill has proven to be more and more savage, and she has become more capable of keeping them alive for longer while she feasts. Some might see how she fights and feeds, and turn away sickened. Still it is designed as a show of superiority, with each new evolution comes a new sense of self. This time she has become even more predatory and fierce, to match her mind and grace. Though her body may not appear to be capable of what she is truly capable of, that underestimation has just become another one of her traps. Now that she has reached the stage of evolution where she is free of that mask she is no longer bound by the restraints of her mind, her madness has peaked as well and she is better defined as a sociopath now than a psychopath. She could appear perfectly fine and yet she is capable of terrible and savage violence without being affected by her emotions, every stage has caused her personality to grow and each time she has become far more dangerous in thought process and how she chooses to fight and deploy her tricks and traps. Her loyalty to Reina is unshakable by now, and she would not hesitate to kill anyone who even made a move that directly threatened her.

History: It was death that gave a twisted soul new life, in the hours after her death the black soul of Ishuko returned to where she stayed and watched her chain eat away in the dim light of her burning barrel. When it finally died she was sent screaming into her own darkness, and finally without knowing how found herself in Hueco Mundo as something greater than an angry dead girl. However she was in a strange forest among many hollows that looked alike, and acted as one which seemed strange. She was herself, and her mask was different though she didn't know it. In the time she did not remember she had gained power fast, and evolved from a mere hollow into a self aware Gillian. She departed the mass for some place darker, and a place she could feel more comfortable in. She seeks the power to pursue her vendetta, and aims to one day become an arrancar in the service of Aizen so that she will get her chance to make Kira pay for what he did. She learned that she cannot rush, and the last lesson in life has stuck with her so she just eats those who will give her the power to evolve.

After some time she encountered Reina who took an interest in her, and she was offered the power to get her revenge at the cost of serving the espada. She accepted this knowing that she once made souls serve her and was now becoming the servant, an irony that she found amusing. So it was not long that she was given her first true taste of power, and in that moment after the fight when she evolved she remembered more about her focus and her real power. The weak survive by becoming stronger, and the strongest often serve those even stronger. She did not expect to become so powerful in such a short time, but this has shown her the faults she has and that she must use even them to her advantage. Her last kill was by far the hardest, almost losing the fight due to poison she forced herself to fight though it. Overcoming the superior opponent she managed to prove that once again she was not one to going to fall so easily. In the end she became something worthy of the praise given, a grace and beauty like a visual trap that belied the real power she was capable of. The ordeal of removing her mask forced her to confront her own limitations, and though it took longer than expected she found the strength to break free of them and tear her mask off bit by bit. The world became clearer without the mask, and she saw the menos forest for what it was and realized that she had no place there. It was due to Reina's intervention that she had gained this power so after losing her mask reaffirmed her loyalty. She became something worthy of facing her desired opponent, something that could prove difficult for him to face as if he actually remembered her he would have no choice but to try and put an end to her soul that he was unable to release as he was still in battle when it fled.

Screen Name: Discordantentity
E-mail: deadly_twilight@hotmail.com

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Anything goes profiles! Discordantentity's!
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