A neko rp, are you a master? or a pet?
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 Kenshiro Nakamura

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PostSubject: Kenshiro Nakamura   Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:21 pm

Name: Nakamura, Kenshiro
age: 18
gender: Male

personality: He is lazy and rather easily bored most of the time, however if you can keep his attention your going to have his friendship for a long time. Despite the fact he does great work at his job he is not one to go above and beyond, in his university studies he hates to study and will try every excuse to get out until he has no more. He's a great guy however who does not mind company, and gets along with others easily. If he is asked to make a decision he will defer it to someone else, unless he is the last person asked. If someone were to compare him to an animal they would say a cat, as he does his own thing and often is hard to pin down. He also has a rather short and easily distracted attention span, which causes problems in university. He values his neko alot, and tends to give them ample reward for good work or just being a good companion. He normally hates fighting and forbids his neko to fight, if hey get into a fight he will do the fighting as they are too valuable to get injured and forced to rest.

history: Kenshiro has led what may seem like an average life, however he's never had it easy and grew up knowing hard work. The end of high school was when his life changed however and he fell into a depression that though he recovered from, changed him and left his sense of ambition a mess. After graduating and entering university he took a job as a dish washer in a small restaurant, to pay for his apartment and buy food after his tuition was paid. It was not until seven months later he took an interest in neko's, though his reasons were to have someone to handle much of the workload as well as companionship. This he showed a sense of zeal on and found the right one easily, as on his own he was falling behind in everything except his records on his sports games and sleep. He never regretted becoming a master, and became known as the master who acted more like a cat than most neko's.

Since then he's become reliant on his neko to manage the place and his affairs, perhaps a little too much as he also gives them time off to do their own thing. This usually is when he is working, and they always have a small portion of his cheque for their own use. His grades have not slipped below average, and his job performance has been reliable outside of the fact he has been late on several occasions to both. He decided on a journalism major in high school, but though he is pushing through he does not intend on pursuing it unless it can make him better money than a restaurant. He is fair to his neko, and if they have gotten in trouble he as always bailed them out or even fought for them if they could not handle it.

how many nekos you own: one
sexual perferance: Hetero
clothing: Whatever appeals to him when he wakes up, varied
likes: Sleeping, easy to prepare meals, girlie mags, sports games, having money
dislikes: His job, red bean paste, snow, tests, baseball

rp sample: The day of classes seemed long as well as boring and dry, Kenshiro was glad to get out of the classroom and of to work. Work was always fun, and he got to take home any left over food from the kitchen. When they were busy it was good eats for him and his neko for a week, of course he hated work as well but it was a necessity to live. Once he got there and was about to get ready for dish washing the manager pulled him aside, and once in the office he was handed a cooks apron and the manual on how to operate the kitchen equipment. "Nakamura your going to be moved to the kitchen, someone just quit and we're short staffed. I know you can't cook but suck it up, and don't be so lazy. Otherwise this may look bad on me, and you don;t want that." His boss was firm that he would do this, of course this involved a raise but he had no idea how much. So he sighed and shook his head in dismay, more responsibility at work would ruin the fun.

"Looks like I got no choice, I don't want to find another job so yeah sure. I'll make no promises, just don't expect perfection." He said as he was ushered out of the office with a rather quick gesture. Grumbling once out he headed into the kitchen and started his new training, mostly doing prep and learning how to oprate the kitchen equipment. After a long night and even longer cleanup he finally got home at almost ten pm, kicking his shoes off and flopping down on the couch. "I'm home! You mind making some coffee, I have a long night and I need to stay awake, stupid test tomorrow..... How was your day, sorry I was so late. I got a raise and a new job at the restaurant!" He said wearily and then fell asleep with his head on the back of the couch.
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PostSubject: Re: Kenshiro Nakamura   Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:34 pm

aproved I'm sure you will find more neko's here XD cause there are about 10 strays i'm like 3 of them but I'm like the only kittypet and ironily named kitty
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PostSubject: Re: Kenshiro Nakamura   Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:50 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kenshiro Nakamura   

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Kenshiro Nakamura
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