A neko rp, are you a master? or a pet?
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 Aiko Uchiha WIP

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Aiko Uchiha

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PostSubject: Aiko Uchiha WIP   Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:15 pm

Name: Aiko
age: 15
gender: Male
personality: Aiko is a cool guy. He really likes his clan and usually likes to help people. He is 14 which makes people underestimate him but he can fight if he wants to. If he likes a girl he will flirt with her and try to go out with her. Also he usually tends to be short tempered.
history: Had amnesia
how many nekos you own: 0
sexual perferance: Straight
clothing: From head to toe Keii's attire looks goofy but he can sure knock out his opponents with this outfit. First off he has brown hair which he combs everyday. He likes the colors black and red so of course he going to wear that. He wears a hoodie in case it would rain and he has a necklace of a crown. He has big feet so his shoes look big and goofy. Also he likes to wear gloves. He doesnt wear shoe laces since he doesnt know how to tie his shoe laces and he has shades of yellow on his outfit. He wears shorts and he usually doesnt wear socks.
likes: Girls, Neko's
dislikes: Nasty food
rp sample: It was a very hot day in Suna today. The sun was beaming down on Aiko as he was wearing binoculars. He was looking everywhere from the village to outside Suna. When he looked at the Kage's chambers he saw Rain and a bunch of Suna ninja's. First he started to laugh as he asked himself ''I bet she lost at the Chunin Exams. Poor Rain she must be crying right now.'' Aiko then told the other guards ''Hey it's my break. Don't forget to check if any other villages ninja are coming. Remember what the Kage said. There is some war happening right now.'' Aiko looked back at the Chambers as he smiled. He body flickered inside as he said ''Ta-da the best ninja in Suna is here. Hey Rain you lost at the Chunin Exams? What are you trying to hold back your tears right now?'' Aiko follows Rain as the guy said he was Hikaru. Aiko slaps Hikaru as he says ''Hey you were the....... you were the guy that mocked me on the mission. You were acting so tough by sleeping on that tree. Well lets see how tough you are now you punk.'' Aiko takes out his kunai as he had it on Hikaru's neck.''How tough are you now Sesaro?''
Aiko shot up from his rest. With chuunin exams around the corner he needed to be training not sleeping. It was already 9:00 in the morning. "Crap" Aiko said aloud. HE moved to the closet and slid it open looking around he found the lighting jutsu pile that he had stocked the night befor. After a moment he found what he was looking for. It was a lighting scroll based on a move called Chidori. It required a lot of lighting chakra be foucused the hand but as Aiko read he thought about the consequnces if he missed with suchs a move it would screw him because hed be almost our of chakra and he could only run in a straight line while useing it and at a speed that he wouldnt be able to for see a counter attck untill it hit him. "Sounds like a useless jutsu" Aiko thought to himself. After a moment Aiko pulled the scroll out further and read about the extensions fo it that required him to know how to do chidori first. Oh well here goes nothing. Aiko read the scroll over and over again it said that he had to put a large amount of lightning-chakra into his hand. The large amount of lighting chakra would make a sound like many birds chirping. "That explains the stupid name" Aiko though to himself. Once hes got the chakra on his hand he charges and thrusts his hand into the enemy if conected it is usally enought o kill them. The charge due to its speed must be in a straight line. Once he had the scroll memorized Aiko grabbed the katana and then thought that for once it would be safer here at the apartment. So Aiko Stuffed it under the scrolls on the "Learned" Shelf and headed out to his usually training grounds.

What was once a nice tree circle now was a bunch of stumps and one dead tree sitting in a hole that Aiko dug. It was the tree that Aiko had mastered his lighting elemnet on. He was proud of himself for that day which waas why he had stuck the tree upright in the ground. But today if he accomplished his goal it would be destroyed. Aiko moved to the cliff side standing 10 feet from it just incase he pased out and fell backwards. Aiko got in a akward postion. He used his left hand and grabbed his right wrist after bringing his hands together in the middle. Aiko foucused as much chakra as he could into the hand. It wasnt enough he was only getting sparks here and there. Finally he went all out and put 99% of his chakra into it and still all he got was sparks. He couldnt understand why this jutsu didnt require hand signs. just concentration. After a minute. Aiko tried again he made his hand into a fist and all he got was a little bit of glowing so he tried diffrent one handed hand signs without luck. finally he tried to just make his hand into the shape of a tiger claw. "SUCESS" Aiko thought to himself. The shape of his had had caused strands of lighting chakra to start connecting non-adjasenct fingers. Which he hadent gotten befor. "Ha ha ha" Aiko laughed out loud. Suddenly the chakra that was foucusing began to fade. Aikofreaked "Whats going on???" Aiko said "What th-" Aiko collapsed he forgot how much chakra this was costing him and he just ran out.

Awaking a few hours later as it was getting dark. Aiko was sore and had almost no engery but he rose to he feet and truged home anyways. The entire way Aiko was cussing at himself. Not onyl had he failed to do the jutsutoday he lost track of his chakra because of how excited he was about a few sparks and and hadgone and koncked himself out. Once home he checked his katana and it wa still there so he crawled into bed and passed out again.

Awaking the next moring refreshed but still not 100% Aiko went down stairs and just did some chores for him this is how things went for the rest of the week. Finally after a week of soreness Aiko got fed up with waiting and he went back to his traing grounds.

Once there he got the sparks back and the began to concentrate anda few seconds of rapid build up Aiko herd shirping and nothing but chirping. "How annoying!" Aiko thought to himself Then he aimed for the tree. He charge he crossed the area in hlaf a second with his arm extended out in front of him he short straight throught the three and went into the rock behind it. "Holy crap" Aiko was blown away by the speed he knew it would be fast but didnt realize it would be this fast. Aiko straightened up he was almost out of chakra and now his arm sorta hurt since he crased into solid stone. He went home he wanted to expand on his new technique.
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PostSubject: Re: Aiko Uchiha WIP   Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:39 pm

aproved XD amnisia XD good one
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PostSubject: Re: Aiko Uchiha WIP   Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:50 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Aiko Uchiha WIP   

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Aiko Uchiha WIP
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