A neko rp, are you a master? or a pet?
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 The Illness Bearer

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PostSubject: The Illness Bearer   Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:05 am

Name: Xias [??]
gender: Male
Age: [??] Appears to be around the age of 16. Though this cannot be completely determined.
Sexual preference: [??] Observations of specimen's reactions and relations with others are required to make an accurate diagnosis of his preferences.
Appearance: Heavily mutated; Appears to be a genetic experiment gone terribly wrong.
pet or stray: High possibility of once being a pet; but something terrible happened to the previous owner...
Owner: N/A
History: To be revealed....
Likes: People who are nice to him and do not yell, quiet mornings, swimming, his best friend (whom he lost.)
Dislikes: Being lost, being made fun of for not being "nekomimi" (Human with cat features.)
Clothing/ collar: Wears shirts with illogical logos, jeans, and has a very peculiar IV cord attached to his right wrist.

Notes: This character is not a human anthro, but is still a cat boy, and therefore still considered a neko. His presence here is a plot device, due to his illogical and very destructive nature. More on this will be revealed later.

Roleplay Sample: I'll post a transcript and a paragraph example here.

    The world was collapsing, it seemed. There had been such an extensive period of time since any sort of hostilities were apparent in Tandamet, but those peaceful times were brought to an abrupt end. Raiders from the East Country came in their huge, armored warships and pillaged the unprepared, and unsuspecting Western World. Countless towns were destroyed in their path, cities crumbled to dust; the torment bestowed a sour tone to the once humble title of ‘Ashland’. The raiders took everything. From material items, to houses, and even hostages, whom were mostly young women of a noble form; and soon the marauders returned to their colossal vessels once satisfied their venomous invasion had been a success. Rich with stolen plunder, they returned to their homeland pleased and in high spirits. While the kingdom of Ashland suffered greatly…
    Their wrath swept over the land like a plague. Fields were dead, villages were lost to fires and surges of destruction. Life was difficult for the once joyful natives of the beloved little country Ashland, and they were in danger of future raids. Beside them; in the magnificent and large country of Audeamus, the mysterious king (though by personal choice kept himself concealed away from the general populace) kept a watchful eye on his country. Countless lords and military precautions were stationed throughout the kingdom, and any raiders who had the thought of taking their prowling into this country will be immediately driven out. Just because the world had not been at war gave no reason for the rightfully-accustomed king Odinyr to drop his guard. For now, no action need be taken to counter the Sgryetsland invaders. (But how could they know of their brother country’s recent agony?)

(This was an intro to a medieval fantasy roleplay)


Eternity: I, however, am also able to predict outcomes, to a much lesser degree than The Powers. Alterations, if performed by someone like my son who are responsibly aware of ripples, can be monitored and simplified greatly. They are wild cards, but, to know each and every event that is about to happen makes the game absolutely no fun.
Bob: Hehehhee this is true
Eternity: and occasionally, I don't believe The Powers mind a tiny bit of excitement in their .... lives....
Bob: that's understandable
Bob: though I can't imagine they'll be very appreciative when the cycle gods mess up existence but that's another story
Eternity: The Powers are wary of the cycle gods. They are perhaps the most unnerving wildcards to exist in the active field.
Bob: eeeheeeheheeee indeed~~~
Bob: Honestly, it seems like the best thing to do, for existence's sake, would be to just destroy them all... but a great deal of gods would lose their entertainment
Bob: And Rad and Kyle and Dar would be sad :'c
Eternity: there is a very good reason why the cycle gods will not be terminated.
Bob: OH?
Eternity: There is a higher, unconscious force that even The Powers fear
Eternity: and its inability to think and respond makes it all the more dangerous
Bob: ...oh
Bob: ......huh
Eternity: flukes.
Bob: oooooo
Eternity: Chance, fate, the essence of possibility. And also, the funny way Existence has a knack for creating something worse than the last.
Eternity: If the cycle gods are, in fact, destroyed Fate will bring about a far more troublesome entity.
Bob: Oh my
Bob: that would be a problem
Eternity: and for the time being, the cycle gods are contained.
Bob: Indeed. A bit havoc-wreaking, moreso their counterparts, but...yes.
Eternity: Their counterparts are physical evidence of fate's twisted and unmindful work.
Eternity: And..... not everything has a reason for existing. Time.. itself is completely relative, and never absolute. It can be measured... but it cannot be contained. Time is something like a wild and unpredictable beast, and we time gods are its keepers, but we cannot always keep it restrained..... Time and Chance are all the universe needs to concoct something treacherously illogical and hazardous to existence.
Bob: .OOO.
Eternity: and ..... The Powers can only cause more rifts to attempt to fix it, because the only thing you can battle illogic with is illogic.
Bob: hehehehhe yes
Eternity: it is ...... essentially the most difficult circumstance..... everyone that exists has to battle against chance and there are events that occur that... absolutely no conscious fault is at play. Absolute Control is ..... virtually nonexistent.
Bob: oooooooooo
Bob: this is sort-of unrelated to this but my brain is rambling so I will spew it JUST THAT only shortly after Uni became more logical and reserved and nicer, suddenly a completely irrational and worse creature came into being
Bob: and sparked others
Eternity: that is exactly the reason the cycle gods are kept.
Bob: This makes sense!
Eternity: Fate seems to be kinder and more favorable when not fought against. Like a heavy current, which should be ridden out rather than have energy wasted trying to fight against it. (Unless there's a waterfall which is like the metaphor of imminent doom...)

(This is a snipet of a roleplay with someone else, I do not own "Bob")
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PostSubject: Re: The Illness Bearer   Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Illness Bearer   Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:11 pm

Here's some pictures of Xias:

A Beloved Monstrosity.

He does have a monster form:

But it may or may not be used, along with his multitude of powers.
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PostSubject: Re: The Illness Bearer   

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The Illness Bearer
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