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 Exile, the Neko of sorrow

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PostSubject: Exile, the Neko of sorrow   Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:45 pm

Name: Exile
gender: Male
Age: 19
sexual perferance: Bisexual
Apperance: He has sky blue hair with bright red eyes. He is about 6'6" in height and has long hair that reaches the back of his shoulders and has bangs that cover his face. He has tribal appearing tattoos and large scars on his back.
pet or stray: Stray
owner: (must have a human's permission to be owned by them) N/A
Breed: Cheetah
history: Exile was named that because how he had to survive on his own after his parents died. When they died he gave up his old name and started to travel. He wanders around the outlands as he searches for a spot to die in.
likes: Cutting, poetry, silence, death, darkness, blood, and being alone
dislikes: Being in a crowd, talking, people, life
clothing/ collar: He wears a black trench coat over a Black long-sleeved shirt and black Cargo pants. He also wears black fingerless gloves and has a white chained necklace that has an angel on the end over his chest.
rp sample: (only needed if you are a fighting cat,) N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Exile, the Neko of sorrow   Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:38 pm

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Exile, the Neko of sorrow
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