A neko rp, are you a master? or a pet?
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PostSubject: Seiku    Seiku               I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 19, 2011 1:47 am

Name: Seiku
gender: Male
Age: 32 (His voice is quite weird. Combining a deep toughness with a childish meowing quality, making it very hard to peg his age.)
sexual perferance: Bi

Seiku               28ispx1

pet or stray: Fighting "pet"
owner: "Owned" by a board of directors.
Breed: Unknown short hair varient

history: Seiku was found as a kitten by a small gang, who at first had no real idea what he was. He had the intelligence of a neko, but was much smaller and really appeared to be nothing more then a cat who happened to walk on his hind legs. They ordered one of their fighting nekos to attack him for a laugh, only to see the older fighter get thrashed by the little Seiku. As this point they realized they had something on their hands, and Seiku began to develop quite a reputation for himself. He was traded, sold, won, and stolen on countless occasions, never much caring for any of his owners and so not being that concerned about the shift. He's fought for over 20 years, and though he's mostly a trainer now, he still is fielded now and then, and has not slouched over the years. Seiku was last bought by a rather large group that trains potential fighters as a business. They're not on the up-and-up, but still keep a corporate structure, and have made his life very comfortable. He's still officially owned, however as the company holds joint control, no one has real authority to tell him what to do, outside of his duties. As such, he's effectively an autonomous employee, with all his needs catered to.

likes: Food, Fights, Taking long naps, Teasing opponents, Training new recruits (both for his own team and being outsourced)
dislikes: Weak nekos, vegetables, having his tail pulled, being mistaken for a normal pet.
clothing/ collar: His trademark yellow helmet, often wears a barrel full of water or rocks when training.

rp sample: My tail was in quite the press, so far I'd pulled my best moves on my opponent and it wasn't worth a thing! He was a pretty big lion-boy, I'd guesstimate him in at about 17 or 18, with a lot of muscle. He had me trumped in size, but I'd show him that it's experience that counts. As I pushed up on one paw, he swung his arm again and knocked me for a loop. I once again landed across the circle in a heap, spitting as I pushed up on both paws. Standing back up I waited for him to get close and leap, before flipping over him, using my small size and speed for the moment. As I landed on the other side, he looked back to see my pulling down my eyelid and slapping my butt at him. "Why don't you kiss this!" I laughed as I shook it a couple times more as the lion-boy roared and dived at me. But I sprung to the side again, causing him to crash into a dumpster. As soon as he landed I did a front flip to slam down on his back with both paws. But I wasn't done yet, and next flipped off to lift my legs and hip drop on him. My feet slammed into his upperback to give me enough momentum to leap again, this time flipping over and unsheathing my claws, dropping on him paws first, and delivering a double slash to the back right on landing! The lion boy roared with pain as I back flipped off of him, landing across the ring. "What's the matter, I thought you were the big guy." He hadn't expected the impact to hurt so much. Every fighter familiar with me knew that my bizarre subspecies had what would proportionally be considered super strength in other species. Of course our small size balanced it out, but I hit much harder then something so small had any right to. As the lion growled once more saliva blew from his lips and he fell over, as I dusted off my paws. "Really? I didn't even get to use the jump kick I was planning out. Talk about a waste of time." I yawned as I walked back over to my current handlers. They were punks pure and simple, but it was still fun to give that lion a good thrashing. He has potential, that's for sure, but he relies on his size and strength too much, not to mention his obvious temper. I like to taunt everyone in my fights, but it's guys like him that are extra fun to mess with. Hopefully he'll be in better shape next time we meet, but for now I had a big plate of chicken and milk waiting for me back home.

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PostSubject: Re: Seiku    Seiku               I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 21, 2011 7:03 pm

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